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Post-operative Programs

Operation Smile Jordan provides post-operative care for patients who receive surgery during Operation Smile medical missions. The post-operative programs are conducted one week, six months and 12 months after the patient’s original date of surgery.

Patients will be given the dates and locations of these post-operative medical examinations. The post-operative examination determines the next step of the patient’s medical treatment plan. The patients photograph will be taken for medical documentation.

Patients requiring additional surgery will be scheduled for surgery during upcoming Operation Smile medical missions.

Patients needing speech therapy after their surgery will be scheduled for follow-up speech therapy sessions at the Operation Smile Jordan Center speech therapy clinic.

Operation Smile Jordan Speech Therapy Clinic

Operation Smile Jordan Speech clinic was established as a continuation to our postoperative follow up programs which is provided to our patients after Cleft lip and Palate surgeries.” Almost every patient suffering from clefts will need such a follow up”.

Operation Smile Jordan Clinic had opened its doors to cleft palate patients in August 2008, and we provide all treatment and consultations for free.

Each patient requires a 1-3 years treatment plan provided by our specialized speech therapists.

After the 6 month post operative follow up visit for each patient, our speech therapists evaluate and schedule the patients for a treatment plan with the consultation of surgeons to record any further surgeries needed during future missions.

Scheduled patients come to the clinic once a week for their speech training session that also include training of the parents for the continuous treatment at home.

Since the opening of the clinic 108 patients had been evaluated and 20 are scheduled every week for treatment.


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